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Lower Back Pain – Causes and Treatments

Lower Back Pain – Causes and Treatments

Lower back pain is a very common condition, with 7 out of 10 people experiencing back pain at some point in their lives. Lower back pain is categorised by a pain or ache anywhere along the spine – usually at the base of the back.

Back Pain


What Causes Lower Back Pain?

If the cause is a fall or injury, it is best to get checked by a doctor to ensure more serious damage wasn’t caused during the injury.

More commonly, back pain is due to stress or damage to ligaments, muscles, tendons or discs. The most common causes of these can be caused through lifting incorrectly, bending, over-stretching or sitting for long periods.

Other causes of back pain include pregnancy, obesity, arthritis or a viral infection.

Treatments and Solutions

Most lower back pain will not be caused by anything serious and will clear up in time. Usually, within a few weeks to a couple months. If back pain persists longer than this, consult a Doctor to ensure you get the right treatment. See below for at home treatments.

To ease back pain, over-the-counter painkillers such as paracetamol can help. If this is ineffective, try an anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen.

Be sure to check all product information before taking any medication. It is also advisable to try hot or cold compression packs, these release some tension and provide relief from pain.

It is also important to be as active as possible, while experiencing back pain. Walking, swimming and gentle stretching such as yoga are advised as light exercises to help ease back pain and facilitate a fast recovery. Staying stationary, such as in bed, can cause the back to seize up, making it more painful or difficult to move when you do get up.

Speak to a Doctor today if you are worried about back pain. The GP Service provides appointments within 30 minutes. Our certified Doctors can advise on the best course of action, as every injury is different, it is always best to get personalised advice and care.

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