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Erectile Dysfunction


Enhance your sexual experience with clinically
proven medication.

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Enhance your sexual experience


The GP Service prescribes men with proven Erectile Dysfunction medication to alleviate the problem.

Improve your sexual experience today with effective treatment.

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Our Doctor Recommendation


"Sildenafil is a safe and effective mediaction that can help restore or maintain sexual function enhancing relationaships and quality of life. The most common side effects reported are flushing headache and indigestion and these can be countered with over the counter medication available from you pharmacy. As a further consideration Erectile Dysfunction should or can be viewed as a symptom rather than a diagnosis so the potential for underlying health conditions should be discussed with your GP."


Dr Alex Barber

Available In:Tablets
Benefits:Popular Cost Effective
Don’t combine with:Nitrates inc Amyl nitrate (poppers)
Duration:4-5 hours
Onset of action:30-60 minutes
Speak to us if you have :Hypotension, blood pressure less than go/50 mmHg or recent stroke or heart attack


How to use Sildenafil


Get In the Mood

You still need to be sexually aroused for it to work. so everything needs to be exciting. You've got this.

Take the pill

Take a pill an hour before you want to have sex or alternatively the desired activity. Sildenafil starts to work within 3o-6o mins and maximum erection potential happens around the 1 hour mark.


Sildenafil lasts for around 4 hours(sometimes longer for some men). So relax, no need to rush.


Everything You Need to Know



Commonly asked questions about Erectile Dysfunction

How does Sildenafil work?

Sildenafil provides temporary relief of ED by allowing the blood vessels to the penis to dilate, which increases blood flow to this area when aroused, which improves erectile quality for men suffering from ED. It should only be used when needed and does not have a cumulative effect.

How effective is Sildenafil?

The use of sildenafil has revolutionized quality of life in millions of men worldwide. 82 trials with 47,625 patients have identified that sildenafil is the most effective treatment for ED. Sildenafil 50mg was found to be the most effective treatment, hence we recommend this. (Chen et al).

How long will Sildenafil last?

It can last for approximately 4-5 hours. Drinking alcohol or having a heavy meal can delay the onset of action and alcohol will reduce its effectiveness.

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