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Contacting The GP Service

Any questions or queries please contact The GP Service between
8 am to 8 pm – Monday to Sunday

Call: 0247 615 8050

email: support@thegpservice.co.uk

About House Of Wellbeing

The London House of Wellbeing is a screening service that allows you to have direct access to specific health tests. The health tests are conducted and results interpreted by a pharmacist  while you wait.

The idea was borne out of a desire to enable people to be in control of their own health.

As well as this, we felt that people may not like attending or have easy access to GP’s surgeries. A pharmacist will carry out the tests and interpret the results. It must be stated the tests only give an indication of an ailment. It is not a substitute for seeing a Doctor. However your Doctor will be notified of the results if consent is given to do so.

We wanted the screening to take place in a unique environment that is both warm and friendly. An environment not normally associated with the health sector. Our interiors whilst remaining professional, mimic the interior of a person’s home. Hence the referral to the ‘house’ of  Wellbeing.

We feel that by offering people a bespoke service to their health needs we are revolutionising the way health screening can be accessed.

We want to change the way people think of their health needs and actively seek out a screening service that makes them aware of health issues they may have. We should have a preventative approach to health and not an reactionary one.

How it works

The GP Service provides an online doctor service via House Of Wellbeing from any internet-enabled device to diagnose and treat common conditions.

Simply book an appointment, complete a short registration form on first use, enter your unique code in the voucher option at checkout and connect to your online appointment with an internet-enabled device with webcam and audio facility.

As a House Of Wellbeing user you are entitled to a Discounted Consultation for £34.99 which includes the cost of Video Consultation, Prescription Admin Fee, Fit Notes and Referral Letters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information shared with my GP?

The GP Service will share your information with your GP unless you specifically select to opt out of this when registering with the service.

How do I know if the medication is genuine is it safe to order online?

Firstly, it must be noted that all pharmacy members that are part of The GP Service have been verified by us and all registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPHc) and hold their own pharmacy registration numbers.

This means you can be assured that all products you receive from us have come from genuine registered Pharmacies.

What if I already have a private prescription?

Unfortunately, our service is based on our Doctors reviewing your condition before issuing a prescription to your nominated pharmacy, if you already hold a private prescription please contact your local pharmacy for further information.

After I have collected or had my treatment collected can I return it?

UK law does not allow the return of medications. However, if your order arrives or when you collect it appears to have been tampered or damaged please contact your nominated pharmacy or let them know in store at you nominated pharmacy.

Does the GP Service offer a repeat prescription?

For selected treatments these may be available or repeat prescriptions. However, these will be shown in your patient record and would need to be approved by the Doctor with further consultations.