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Your employees could be seeing a Doctor & collecting their Medication In Under 90 Minutes!

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Employee Health & Wellbeing = Business Health & Wellbeing

Employees are becoming more confident in the use of technology in healthcare. In 2018, 60% used internet-enabled devices to access NHS and GP online services.


Your employee books an appointment

Once an appointment is confirmed your employee then proceeds to the payment stage and enters their unique Voucher Code.


Sees a doctor to discuss their needs

Your employees can access a doctor from their chosen device. The GP Service can be accessed via the web or Apple and Android apps.


Collects or receives medication

Employees collect or receive a prescription from a local pharmacy. The GP Service is supported by a network of over 6000 pharmacies.

“Over 80% of work-related absentee issues can be treated by our Doctors with most minor illnesses treatable with a prescribed medication not available over the counter from a Pharmacy.

Studies show that 80% of Doctors appointments do not require a Physical examination”

The GP Service Research Centre

“Our average fulfilment time is 90 minutes. Your employees can be seen and commence treatment in a single morning — no queues or waiting rooms.
Doctors accessible from the comfort of a home or workplace consultancy room. ”

The GP Service Research Centre

“Doctors can handle over 80% of work-related absentee issues with most minor illnesses treatable with a prescription.
Studies confirm that 80% of GP appointments require no physical examination.”

The GP Service Research Centre

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    The GP Service provides an affordable and accessible health service for the entire team. Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”
    Jon King – CEO Funbikes View Testimonials
    Our team can now see and talk to a registered GP the same day without taking unnecessary holidays.”
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    Contacting The GP Service

    Any questions or queries please contact The GP Service between
    8am to 8pm – Monday to Sunday

    Call: 0247 615 8050