Travelling Health Benefits
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5 Health Benefits of Travelling

It appears planning for that much needed break is not just a luxurious indulgence after all.

Travelling is not only good for your psychological well-being, it also comes with physical health improvements too.

1. Planning for a happy mind

The simple act of planning your next holiday can greatly improve mental health. Nothing boosts serotonin levels like having a planned trip on the horizon. So why not go-ahead and book that holiday? It could benefit your health.

2. Travel lowers stress levels

Getting away from the stresses of everyday life, even if it’s just for a long weekend, can greatly improve your overall health. For most travellers getting those few days away helps them to feel less anxious, well rested and generally in better spirits.

3. Promotes a healthy heart

Who knew that taking last minute breaks could help promote a healthier heart? Heart attacks can be caused by several different factors. This includes high blood pressure and stress. By taking annual vacations, you are allowing yourself a break from everyday stresses.

4. Helps weight loss

Travelling allows you to get active in ways you may not have time for at home. Whether exploring a historic city or hiking to a beautiful view point, travelling allows you to get out and explore. Caught up in the excitement of it all, you have already hit your daily 10,000 steps without even counting!

5. Improves overall brain health

When you travel to a new country you’re expanding your mind outside of the ‘status quo’. Travelling allows you to meet new people, discover new cultures and become more aware. These new experiences increase cognitive flexibility, allowing you to keep a sharp mind.