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How To Stop Vomiting: 7 Tips and Remedies

How To Stop Vomiting: 7 Tips and Remedies

Vomiting is a common condition and we have all experienced it at some point. It’s not very pleasant and can leave the sufferer exhausted and dehydrated. Vomiting can be scary, but it is usually not too serious. Here are some tips and remedies to help you through:


1. Deep Breathing

When trying to stop vomiting the first thing you should try is deep breathing, this should reduce the queasiness and help you to stay relaxed. Try going outside to get fresh air, the cool air and wind blowing in your face will reduce your temperature and calm nausea.

2. Eat Something Bland

When feeling nauseated it is best to eat small and often rather than try and eat a full meal. Try slowly eating something bland/plain like crackers, plain bread or pasta. These foods won’t upset your stomach any more than it already is as starchy, or carbohydrate foods should settle the stomach.

3. Stay Hydrated

Vomiting is very dehydrating and drinking a lot of fluids is essential to get back to feeling normal. Make sure to avoid carbonated (fizzy) drinks and stick to water, squash or herbal teas. Drinking water with lemon is also supposed to be great for settling the stomach and easing queasiness.

4. Cool Down

Use a cool damp cloth on your forehead or the back of your neck to cool down. Lowering your body temperature can make you feel better as often vomiting, or conditions that induce vomiting, can cause overheating or fever.

5. Ginger

A small piece of fresh or candied ginger is also supposed to help control nausea. Though if you don’t want to chew on a raw chunk of ginger you can also try ginger tea, ale or biscuits!

6. Aromatherapy

According to reports, using essential oils or smelling salts can soothe nausea. Using strong smelling fragrances like lemon or peppermint are supposed to be the most effective.

7. Medications/Talk to a Dr

If you are worried about your condition you should always talk to a doctor. Here at The GP Service you can see a Licenced Doctor in minutes, they will be able to give you the best advice for your personal situation based on your symptoms and will be able to tell you the best course of action whether that be to take medications – which they can prescribe, a day in bed, or be able to tell you if it’s something more serious you should seek further action for.

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