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Reduce Absence Within Your Business With The GP Service

Absence days are becoming an increasing concern to businesses within the UK.

Getting a Doctor’s appointment outside of working hours is becoming difficult and frustrating for employees, desperate to seek medical aid.

The combination of waiting up to 10 days for an appointment and missing important meetings is leaving ill individuals in a vulnerable position. A large percentage of ill employees continuing to work whilst desperately waiting for a Doctor’s appointment. This is not only a growing concern for the wellbeing of your employee, but it is also putting other workers at risk of infection.

With absence numbers increasing year on year, businesses are not only taking a hit financially but also within their departments.

How Can The GP Service Help Your Business?

If you are desperately trying to find a solution to your employee absence rate, then that is where The GP Service can help.

Up to 81% of all short-term absences are due to minor illnesses. Up to 95% of those short-term absences are caused by the five most common reasons, such as cold and flu.

In the majority of cases, colds and flu are self-limiting and can be treated with over the counter remedies available from your local pharmacy. However, if you are concerned about your illness, you can contact one of our Online Doctors.

At The GP Service, we can provide your business with the perfect medical solution for your employees.

Benefits for Employers

The GP Service can help to cut the cost of absence to your organisation and increase productivity within your departments. Employees can see UK GMC registered Doctor’s within minutes on their device.

This means that employees no longer need to take time off work or wait up to 10 days to see a Doctor. Employees can receive their treatments faster and return to work sooner.

Our unique electronic prescription service means that individuals can collect their medication within an hour from the nearest pharmacy.

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