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Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Weight Loss?

Apple cider vinegar has often been held in high esteem for its health benefits by many individuals, including celebrities. One of the most spoken about subjects, in relation to apple cider vinegar is how it has promoted weight loss. But how true are these claims? Can ACV really help us lose weight?

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting the sugars from apples. The process takes at least 30 days, where the chopped or crushed apples sit in water and yeast at room temperature. Over the duration, the sugar ferments into alcohol and the bacteria turns the alcohol into vinegar, thus completing the process.

Alongside its own existence, apple cider vinegar can be found within many food flavourings and preservatives.

The Weight Loss Claims

  • Decreases Insulin Levels
  • Improves Metabolism
  • Reduces Fat Storage
  • Burns Fat
  • Suppresses The Appetite


Promotes Weight Loss

When it comes to the benefits of weight loss, there seems to be a mixed consensus.

For some individuals, there has been a positive weight loss effect when combining apple cider vinegar with a controlled diet and exercise. A study conducted over 12 weeks in 2018 compared the weight loss of two individual groups. The first group combined consuming 30ml of apple cider vinegar a day with a strict diet. Whereas the second group only followed a strict diet. At the end of the clinical trial, dieters who drank 30ml of ACV a day lost more body weight than the group that only followed the diet plan.

During this study, they also saw blood lipid levels improve, including a decrease in cholesterol.

Another study also carried out over 12 weeks did find that acetic acid, which is found within ACV did help to reduce the body weight and BMI of an obese individual.

The Conclusion

While many dieters live by the positive side effects of apple cider vinegar, there is still more research to be done. Overall, apple cider vinegar is a healthy addition to your diet and can be added to a variety of foods or dressings. However, despite the current studies, more research is required to definitively prove whether ACV is a miracle for overall weight loss.