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Winter Sun Travel Vaccinations


Are you heading off on a winter sun getaway? You may need to get vaccinated against some of the diseases found in other countries before you jet off to a nice warm climate. Travel vaccines are essential as some countries have diseases that the UK has either eradicated or does not have, which you will not be protected against. Some of these viruses or diseases can be potentially fatal, so it is important to know the risks of the country you’re visiting.


Places commonly vaccinated for are parts of Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South or Central America. But be sure to double check your specific travel destination before you go, to avoid unnecessary risks. It is advised to get any vaccinations at least 8 weeks before you travel, as some require more than one injection.


The GP service have an easy way for you to check if you need a vaccination before you jet off. Using our handy search feature, simply type in your destination or select it from a list to find out what you need to get protected against. This service will not only tell you what vaccinations you need if any, but it will also advise you on other illnesses prone to these areas and precautions you should take when travelling there. From there it could not be easier to book in for your appointment. We have over 40 vaccination centres across the UK where you can get your vaccinated by a trained professional at your convenience.


If you would like any advice about this or any other issues we talk about on this blog, then book an appointment today with one of our registered Doctors! You could be seen in just 30 minutes!

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