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Get Prescription Medication Today

With The GP Service, it couldn’t be easier to get prescriptions the same day! We have a huge range of pharmacies that will have your prescription ready to collect in under 90 minutes*. However, with a traditional doctor’s surgery, you could have to wait up to 10 days just for an assessment appointment, before you get your prescription.

You can collect your prescription from any of over 6000 pharmacies in the UK. The GP Service makes it simple, local and fast to get the medicine you need. In addition to our pharmacies, we also have over 200 online walk-in centres and 40+ vaccination centres you can visit to get treatment. If you can’t make it to one of our pharmacies, you can have your prescription delivered right to your home. It couldn’t be easier!

How Does it work?

There are two ways to get a prescription from The GP Service. If you have an existing condition you can self-evaluate your symptoms for the medicine you need, this is perfect for long-term conditions. Simply select your condition from our site and select a preferred medication, then complete the required questionnaire for our doctors to check over and approve. You can then collect or receive your medication as soon as its processed!

If your condition is not available from the list on our site, then you can consult one of our online doctors. Using our app, you can have a secure and confidential appointment with one of our registered doctors through a video consultation. They can then give you professional advice on your condition and authorise your prescription should they think you need one. 95% of prescriptions are ready for collection within 1 hour, after being approved by our doctors. Your chosen pharmacy will then contact you when your prescription is ready to be collected or is out for delivery.

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*Based upon orders received between 8 am and 8 pm with 30 minutes prescription processing time and 60 minutes medication preparation time by a member pharmacy.